“I am so delighted to have come to realize the underlying issues of my emotional eating disorder. I am now losing weight, exercising and no longer use food for comfort…thank you thank you…for opening my mind and heart to such wisdom! ” Shireen, 27, CA, Durban, SA


Noori Siddiqui is Currently Founder and Director of Sales and Digital Marketing of Optimum Wellness Online, with a background of over 20 years of experience as a leading presenter in media on health and nutrition, practicing as a nutritionist and emotional stress coach

Noori started her journey into health and wellness when as a mother of two small girls, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour appending to her womb that grew to the size of a new-born baby. She went on to study many healing modalities in which she embarked on an amazing discovery of emotional, physical and biological healing that lead her overcoming her cancer without chemotherapy or radiation.

Noori has interviewed many great minds such as Dr Demartini (International Human Behaviourist and Inspirational Speaker), Patrick Holford (author of over 30 bestselling books on nutrition and wellness), Spiritual Masters, Doctors, Environmentalists, Scientists, Politicians, Naturopaths to name but a few.

Noori is a featured author and more recently has been published in the Odyssey Magazine August 2013 (www.odysseymagazine.co.za) on “The 7 Dimensions to Managing Emotional Stress”. In the December 2013 issue of Longevity Magazine, she has been featured in an interview as a leading expert in Emotional Stress in South Africa.